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I sprawled out on the frayed rear bench of a struggling tour van as the band rattled through Kansas – or maybe it was Nebraska? I can’t really remember, and it’s really not the point. My headphones were tight against my ears as we rumbled towards the next show, in the ballroom of some nameless midwestern college. M83, the French synth-pop band, painted apocalyptic soundscapes in my head as I clutched a worn, coverless copy of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion in my hands. I devoured his lyrical prose, struggling to resist the urge to speed-read the final chapter as the insistent, almost desperate, beat in my ears tugged the other way. Dan’s words spun elaborate far-future worlds in my head, then gleefully pulled them apart as his characters reeled under the onslaught of his engrossing, powerful plot. (Seriously, read that book if you haven’t. It’s amazing)

I decided, then and there, that I wanted to write fiction. That I needed to write.

Now, so many years later, I’m making that dream a reality. And now, I offer my most humble and courteous invitation to you – join me in these new worlds I’ve created. I can’t wait to show you around, give you the tour, and hopefully, share some of the strange, powerful magic that I was so lucky to find in the backseat of that long-dead tour van (God rest her mechanical soul.)

And as I write, some part of me will always be there – a kid in his twenties, reading and dreaming as the vast spoils of America slide by, just outside the window. Dreaming of spinning some of that magic myself.

Jerry Kansky, 3/7/2021

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