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My name is Jerry. I grew up among the rain-drenched evergreens of Washington state, and fell in love with reading and telling stories at a young age. My head has always been filled with alien words, swaggering space pirates, and ancient vine-covered temples. If my nose isn’t in a book, my head is usually in the clouds.

If stories are my first love, music is my second. I spent 10 years playing rock n’ roll with various pop-punk bands, touring the United States in half-derelict vans that smelled strongly of dude, and devouring every science fiction novel I could get my hands on while the country whizzed by at 60 MPH.

Singing in a touring rock band through the meat of my 20’s served to further stoke my love of far away lands. The strange and wonderful characters that populate the strange landscapes of our world – some real, many imagined – are a huge part of the arsenal of colors I use to paint my own characters. On long nights in the van, my favorite pass time was curling up in the furthest back seat with books like Dan Simmons’ Hyperion, William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and all of the amazing novels that make up The Dark Tower saga by Stephen King. (seriously, if you haven’t read them, DO IT – go buy The Gunslinger and just get lost…you won’t regret it.)

Those amazing storytellers (and many, many others) ignited my love of literary fiction, and now that my touring days are long over (marriage has made me happy, content, and much too fat to fit into the skinny rocker jeans of days gone by), I’m incredibly excited to share my own worlds, and the stories that wind through them, with all of you. I hope you find the same wonder and excitement in the strange landscapes of my imagination as I’ve found in the stories and novels of others. If I can make your world a richer, more magical place, just for a moment, then I’ve done my job.

Jerry Kansky – 9/24/2019

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